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Blackscope Web Sites offers this free client survey, to help you think about your Web site. If you wish to submit it to us, by mail or online, we'd be happy to get in touch with you.

All information is optional. Just fill out what you wish. If you want a response, please include some contact information. Thanks!

SURVEY Sections:

  1. General Information
  2. Business Information
  3. Web Site Goals
  4. Web Site Audience
  5. Web Site Graphic Design
  6. Web Site Content
  7. Web Site Promotion
  8. Web Site Schedule
  9. Budget and Management
  10. Technical

1. Survey: General Information

Your Name:

Company Name:

Email Address:


Current Web site address, if any:

2. Survey: Business Information

What is the mission / purpose of your business?

What services and / or products does your business offer?

Who are your clients / customers?

Other relevant information?

3. Survey: Web Site Goals

What are the main goals of your Web site? Feel free to be wordy!
Feel free to say "I don't know!"

Here is a list of some possible specific goals.
Please check all that apply.

Attract new clients
Attract employees
Increase sales
Generate and qualify leads
Improve customer service
Gather feedback
Develop mailing list
Communicate with customers/partners
Reduce phone call load
Reduce printing costs
Reduce marketing costs
Reduce support costs
Gain visibility
Gain credibility
Gain professional image
Create/support a community
Disseminate information


4. Survey: Web Site Audience

Who is your target audience?
(Please describe age, gender, geographic areas,
profession, interests, and any other relevant specifics)

Who is your Web site competition? (List URLs if known.)

What benefits does your company offer customers/clients?

5. Survey: Web Site Graphic Design

Do you have a concrete vision* for your Web site? Yes No Somewhat
(Provide sketches or mock-ups if possible.)

List 5 or more adjectives / phrases describing the IMAGE you'd like your company to
project. (eg Sophisticated, erudite, professional, corporate, conservative, traditional,
contemporary, formal, casual, friendly, serious, cutting edge, trendy, etc.)

List 5 or more adjectives / phrases describing what IMPRESSION you'd like your audience
to have of you. (eg Competent, caring, knowledgeable, best in your field, reliable,
speedy, able to explain in clear language, able to listen, will guide me well, cheapest prices
has best service etc. )

Please list any Web site addresses (URL's) that have caught your eye....
Please indicate what you like or don't (eg graphics, content, navigation)

Do you have any existing printed materials*, such as stationery or brochures,
which you would like to coordinate with the Web site? Yes No

Do you have a logo* that you would like to incorporate in the Web site? Yes No
Do you have a business slogan* that you would like to incorporate in the Web site? Yes No
Do you have images* (such as photos, symbols) that you wish to use on the Web site? Yes No
Do you have any fonts* that you wish to use on the Web site? Yes No
Do you have any colors* that you would like to incorporate in the Web site? Yes No

* Please collect or send these for our first meeting.

6. Survey: Web Site Content

Can you provide a list of the information* you want on your site? Yes No Some

What kinds of information would you like to offer?

The Usual
Offer summary of company
Offer contact information
Offer driving directions
Offer services description
Offer pricing for services
Offer staff directory
Offer staff bios
Offer client lists
Offer typical cases
Offer method info
Offer products for sale
Offer products description
Offer customer service
Offer store locator
Offer wholesale/rep info
Offer portfolio
Offer news
Offer email communication
Offer communication by form
Offer questionnaires
Provide general information
Offer a list of links


Is the content written* ? Yes No

Do you need help with the content development for your web site? Yes No

How often will the Web site content need to be updated?

Who will be doing the updating of content? (You or us?)

* Please collect or send these for our first meeting.

7. Survey: Web Site Promotion

We can help you with some aspects of Web site promotion, or can
refer you to our associates for a full promotion package.

What keywords (ie phrases or words) would someone use to find you in an
internet search engine? (Please list.)

Would you like help submitting your site to search engines? Yes No Maybe

Would you like to pay for any promotion options, such as "pay-per-click"? Yes No Maybe

Do you plan to market your site through any direct mail or email campaigns? Yes No Maybe

Would you like help monitoring your Web site position in the search engines? Yes No Maybe

8. Survey: Web Site Schedule

When would you like to begin the project?

When would you like your web site to be up and running?

Would you like us to help you with updating the Web site after it is launched? Yes No Maybe

9. Survey: Web Site Budget and Management

Do you have a budget for this project?

Who is responsible for managing this project?

10. Survey: Technical

Do you consider yourself technically competent when it comes to computers? Yes No Somewhat

How about your target audience, would you consider them to be Web literate? Yes No Somewhat

If you have a Web site...
Where is your current Web site hosted? Will you keep it there?

What platform is your current Web site on? (eg NT, Unix)

Do you need help getting a domain name or finding a hosting service? Yes No Maybe

What kinds of software do you use? (eg Word for word processing, Photoshop, etc.)

11. Questions or Comments: